August 11-12, 2020

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None of the other work you do as an economic developer matters much if you aren't telling your story well to get potential new investors interested.


Course Highlights

Find out how to evaluate your product and understand the marketplace in order to be successful in marketing and attraction.  From essentials to targeting to digital tools, this course provides an overview of the marketing world specifically for economic developers.  A case study and peer evaluations of marketing materials provide valuable interaction.

  • Why all the buzz about branding?

  • How do site consultants view your community?

  • Are you getting the bang for your buck in digital?

Find out these answers and more at this course.  


November 17-18, 2020

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This practitioner-driven course uses the case study method to complement current neighborhood development theory. Participants will learn how to identify the major neighborhood actors, their objectives, and strategies for redevelopment, in addition to understanding the process for creating a strategic economic development plan to meet the neighborhood development goals. Specifically, this course will examine social capital (e.g., linkages, networks, talent, etc.), environmental capital (e.g., stewardship, residual management, etc.) and economic capital (e.g., investment and reinvestment) facing distressed neighborhoods and offer solutions to address local needs. 


Course Highlights

  •  Asset creation, wealth creation, and enterprise development & expansion 

  •  Housing development, real estate speculation, and tax-base stabilization 

  •  Public and private sector role in combating inner city unemployment 

  •  Examining historical and current neighborhood trends 

  •  Performing leakage assessments and gap analyses 

  •  Aligning strategic plans for multiple neighborhood groups 

  •  Understanding the under served needs for banking and grocery 

  •  Working with media to share success stories


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