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Join The Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association (LIDEA)

LIDEA membership is drawn from state and local economic development agencies (EDO'S), chambers of commerce, utility companies, railroads, banks, ports, business consultants, engineering firms, real estate development groups, and similar organizations.

“I’ve been a member of LIDEA since 2006 and I could not be more satisfied with the value of my membership. It provides me with the ability to network with other economic development professionals from throughout the state and I cherish the personal relationships which were born through LIDEA. My membership also ignited a desire within me to pursue a certification in Economic Development which I completed in the inaugural class of Certified Louisiana Economic Developers in 2011. LIDEA is my lifeline to all economic development news throughout the state and I’m delighted to be a member.”     -  Martin Walke, Louisiana Public Facilities Authority

Membership Application
 Click here for a PDF of the LIDEA Membership Application or click here to join online.

Membership resides with the individual and is not transferable.

        All applicants must submit a membership application that has been endorsed by two (2) LIDEA members with payment in order to complete the application process. Upon submission of the membership application, LIDEA will assist in soliciting the required endorsements, if needed.

Membership Payment
Membership payment is accepted by check or credit card. A membership application MUST be submitted with payment by check.

Make check payable to:
9270 Siegen Lane, Building 301
Baton Rouge, LA 70810

Phone:(225) 448-5404

LIDEA Code of Ethics  

LIDEA is an Equal Opportunity Organization