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LIDEA MEMBERS WILL ALWAYS STRIVE TO LIVE BY THE Golden Rule, not only in our economic development efforts, but in our daily lives, and our concerted efforts are dedicated to creating a better Louisiana. 

We will always protect the confidentiality of the prospect. 

We will have respect for each area of the state. 

We will never knowingly downgrade another city or area. 

We will never impart information about another city or area if we don't really have the facts.

We will work together to accomplish industrial expansion and we will develop a common understanding on how we can best get the job done. When we work together, we are to protect the source of our information and all leads that we are given, when requested by our source. When LIDEA members are asked to contact an industrial prospect for other members or on behalf of a certain area, due respect will be given the initiator. We will make every effort to locate the prospect in the area of the originator unless the prospect rejects that area. Then, only with full knowledge of the originator, will the prospective industry be guided to alternative locations. LIDEA actions will be aboveboard and free of impropriety to the extent that future public revelation would cause neither embarrassment nor damaged relationships between LIDEA members or between them and the communities concerned.


Members of the Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association agree to follow the principles of right and wrong and to always act as a prudent person would act. By putting aside selfish interests and working together, we will share in an economic prosperity for Louisiana that will far exceed anything we have accomplished before. 

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